"Another Hundred Hints of Mythic Catfish Existence" by Blundering O'Bloat

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The attendant resident denizens at Fish Pants Dance Antics Ranch and Beada Beada have compiled yet more, circular swims galore in this "Another Hundred Hints of Mythic Catfish Existence"  Blundering O'Bloat floats again!


Blundering O'Bloat Floats Again!

Tu, two, to, too many, much, mud n’ maniacs.


Here ends impromptu! Except a slew not in book two.

Mere comments responding to, now, reflect a few thought through too.


Still patrolling, sub-surface, an unconscious sea

and unknowing of purpose but, in all honesty.

Devoid any service, lest one likes what they see

in annoying, staid verses, cast ichthyologically.


An author indeed, I'd no wish nor intention,

just some fun to read that garnished attention.

Could it be the world needs more weird fish ascension

or these fertile deeds of merely foolish dimension?


Oh yes, I did!

The next ride from Fish Pants Dance Antics Ranch is loose and swimming.

Catch your dual, fun fueled, deep woods and water wandering, finned friends, Namazu and Blundering O’Bloat, in their subsequent nautical escapade, encapsulated in this, “Another Hints of Mythic Catfish Existence”.

Wink, SpLaSh!, grin n’ tail fin…>-=^;>