'TOHO Seed Beads 11/0 Rounds' 500 & counting

Toho 11/0 round seed beads measure 2mm O.D., outside diameter, or 11 per inch. 11/0 round are the hardest working seed bead size in the bead business, offered in mind boggling array of bead colors. Availble in bead effects from galvanized to gold lustered. All w/ typical Toho bead holes.

Alabaster to silver lined, Ceylon to metallic & of course our fave, permanent finish. Predictably consistent in size, made in Japan, these beads are your premium choice for use in all bead looming, beaded jewelry, costumery & wherever the best quality beads are required. 500 of the bead worlds finest are languishing in beaded hammocks awaiting your order. New colors added weekly. Put these beads to work for you today-Beada Beada.

8 gram tubes. Your Toho 11/0 seed beads can also be found in 20 & 50 gram packs under Wholesale 55% off.

Also, usually there is a 1/4 kilo or two lazing aroumd in Toho Bulk Seed Beads 250 gram Factory paks.